New Adult Novels by Linda Salisbury

Two new books by Linda Salisbury are now available for sale. Mother's: A novel of hoarding, friending and mischief. and But You Don't Look Funny.

Treasure in Sugar’s Book Barn, book 8 in the Bailey Fish Adventure series, won a silver medal in Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, pre-teen fiction, 2011. Captain Calliope and the Great Goateenies is a finalist in the 2011 President’s Book Awards, Best Children’s Fiction, Florida Publishers Association with results to be announced in November.

The Story of the Man Who Stole the Money

By Linda M. Bailey (as told to and typed by her father, Allen M. Bailey), c. 1946 (when she was four)

Once upon a time there was a very rich man who had lots of money and wanted many things, but even though he had so much money he wanted more.
One day he got a gang of men and asked them to help him steal some money from somebody. They all agreed and the rich man said: “Boys, when do you want to start the robbing?” And they answered, “Tuesday night at 11 o’clock.”
And so when Tuesday night, the 12th came, they got on their horses and rode to another rich man’s house while he was asleep. And they went to where the money bags were and took them to the saddle bags on their horses. Then when they had brought the money to the rich man, he still wanted more. So there was another robbery planned and his gang set out to the same man’s house to get the $50,000. When they brought it to the rich man, he still wanted more and they kept getting more.
Finally, a posse was sent out to find them, but the were too far away. And they called Tom Mix, United States Marshall with Deputy Mike Shaw. And Tom Mix said he would help them find the crooks. Then he got many other men to help him. One day as Tom was riding along, he saw many horse tracks and dog tracks. And then he called his Deputy Mike Shaw and said, “Come here, Mike.” And Mike looked at the hoof prints and he said, “I shall go get a posse.” But Tom said, “No, we shall ride alone.” So they rode down the trail. As they rode, Tom would look down to see if they were following the same hoof prints and if they were following the right hoof prints, they would look for the right dog prints. One time Tom said, “Mike, do you have anything in your saddle bag? I am getting a little hungry.” And Mike said, “Yes, I have four or five sandwiches, three bananas, my thermos and I think I have some cake.” And then Mike Shaw got out the cake and the bananas, the sandwiches, the milk in the Thermos and two cups, and they started to eat. Tom said, “This is the most delicious meal I have ever had out in the prairie.”
Just then they heard the roar of a lion. Tom said, “Quick, Mike, get your rifle out.” Mike got out his rifle just as the lion started to spring on Tom’s horse, Tony.
Tom said, “I think we should go back to where we first saw those horse tracks and get a posse to help us follow them.”
So, they got on their horses and rode back. Tom said, “Let’s take a short cut.” On the way, they thought they saw the most beautiful sight, but it was only because they were day dreaming. They thought they saw the rich man and all his gang of rustlers and they were in jail. Just then, they saw three men with guns, then all the rest of the bandits and they said, “You had better drop those guns, and they dropped their guns. Tom said, “Did you rob the money for the rich man?”
“Why , no,” said the men, “we had nothing to do with the crime. We thought you were the crooks, so we are the posse who is trying to help catch the crooks. Anyway, what is your name and what are you doing here?”
“My name is Tom Mix and that is my deputy. But look over there. See that horse? I wonder what it is doing over there. They say a horse cannot stay in this part of Dobe. I think I shall go over to see him closer.” When Tom looked at him, he saw he was all black, but on his head was a little white diamond, but one of his feet was white. He though that was one of the robber’s horses. He followed the horse and saw all the crooks eating their supper around the campfire. Just then, one of the men said, “I think I hear horses coming. It may be men looking for us.”
Tom heard him and he jumped off Tony and Mike got off his horse and the rest of the posse got of their horses and tied the horses to trees far away so the bad men would not see them. Then they crept into the bushes. When the bad men got up, the posse had their guns ready. The posse jumped out of the bushes and the bad men were so scared they dropped their guns. Tom said, “I’m arresting you for helping the rich men steal the money. Put the handcuffs on them, men.” The posse put the crooks on their horses and led them down the trail. They stopped at the rich man’s house and arrested him, too. On the way back to Dobe, Tom said, “We did that in a pretty short time.”